Rubber Industry in India Feeling the Pinch of US-China Tariff War

Rubber Industry in India Feeling the Pinch of US-China Tariff War

India’s decision to raise the import duty car radials and apparel can provide just a marginal relief into the rubber business, that has begun feeling the negative effects of this US-China tariff war,” said business executives.

The Centre has increased the import duty car radials to 15 percent from 10% and also on apparel to 25 percent from 20 percent as part of measures directed at controlling the current accounts deficit.

The growth also comes at a time when imports of both rubber and noodle goods have been rising amid the escalating cost war between the usa and China.

He said that the import of tyres of light industrial vehicles, taxis and bikes from China could grow further if the US were to impose higher tariffs in these.

The authorities not only improved import duty but additionally levied anti-dumping obligation since the talk of Chinese TBR climbed to greater than 40 percent of their entire tyre imports.

The tyre business had required a decrease in the export duty of pure rubber and also a rise in the export duty of completed goods. The government has acceded to a portion of their requirement. But, executives in the non-tyre industry said the growth should have been . “The 5 percent growth is really low.

Executives stated the growth in export duty could offer only partial relief since footwear accounted for only one of those non-tyre goods coming into India. “There’s been a growth in the import duty on specific completed products such as pads and belts because of previous month.

The institution was demanding a rise in the import duty on completed non-tyre merchandise. “While the normal duty on the majority of the completed merchandise continues to be 10 percent, the obligation of raw materials ranges from 15% to 20 percent, thereby blunting the competitive advantage of the business,” explained Makkar.


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