4 Things The Manufacturers Industry Should Know About Managing Productivity And Security

4 Things The Manufacturers Industry Should Know About Managing Productivity And Security

A current report was published that leveraged data from over 17,000 different production firms across both the United States and Canada to look at which sort of individuality challenges these organizations face these days. While many manufacturers are still working on embracing their own personal transformations, they’re confronting two significant challenges. The main obstacles include the following:

  • Challenge 1- Having difficulty managing permissions and roles with an ever-increasing variety of applications and users.
  • Challenge 2- Addressing the endless compliance and safety risks that come with the growth of user accessibility.

To assist with these challenges, there are at least four distinct critical points that Compliance Officers and IT Managers attempting to adopt digital transformation have to look at when under the maturation of a new access and identity management plan.

1. Third-Party Access Will Continue To Boost

It’s getting increasingly more common that users get access to business data, networks and apps. Many sellers and supply chain businesses work from various locations. To maintain connected requires quite complex systems structurally. As the amount of external customers grows, so will the requirement to maintain who can access apps and permissions inside an organization.

2. Balancing Usability And Security

For producers, it’s critical to cost-effectively and securely connect their increasing number of applications and users. Expanding their consumer access can be an increase in the agility of their small organization. But, it can be a enormous risk if not implemented correctly. For an unprepared business, it may be additional security risks like lack of user productivity, data breaches and the disruption of their critical systems.

3. Cyber Attacks Are Costly And Common For Producers

Many producers manage an entire collection of sensitive information such as financials, blueprints, schematics, company plans and venture agreements. In a recent article published, producers face a greater amount of phishing attacks compared to the other businesses.

4. Be Wary Of Your Costs To Operate Traditional Identity Management Programs

Most producers get weighed down by the high cost to run a traditional identity management software. The end users may frequently forget what their passwords are all which induces plenty of delays in productivity and can slow down IT with many password-reset asked support tickets. A high amount of external users can lead to many problems such as complex app roll-outs, disparate directories along with an overly complex method for identity management as a whole.

Exactly what You Should Look For In A Remedy To Identity Management

All manufacturers will need to locate a remedy for their identity management issues which will support the scale, sophistication and diversity of the user populations and software. This is true if the organization is managed through the cloud or onsite. OneLogin will support access for virtually any manufacturing company. It doesn’t matter whether your business’s data lives on premises, the both. OneLogin will have the ability to give users safe access to all of your company applications along with the complete set of the Cloud IAM attributes.

Even the OneLogin provides users features like multi-factor authentication, a single sign-on ability and integration using a real-time active directory. The solution to your identity management with OneLogin comes pre-integrated with over 5,000 programs such as Office 365, G Suite, SAP and Oracle. It’s a secure way of cloud first. Manufacturers need systems where their employees, customers and external partners are able to get into the enterprise info. The machine needs to be easy and easy for everybody to utilize. It should also be scalable to stay informed about the growth of any manufacturer or organization.


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