What to prepare for a wedding


gut6bitEveryone knows that preparing for a wedding is nothing but easy and stressful. Even if you have an entire time of wedding organizer to help you, it does not guarantee that you will have it easy. The thing about a wedding is, it is once in a lifetime moment that makes anyone who is not a perfectionist want it to be as perfect and as exact to what they want and imagine it should be. A wedding organizer is there for you to make it happen, they try their best to assist you in making you wish come true. But because you are still the decision maker of everything, you can’t avoid all of the headaches from arranging the seats, making invitations, budgeting, where to get married, what songs that you want to play, wedding concept, decorations, color coordination, flower arrangements, and the list go on. Not to mention that sometimes it feels like the universe is against you when you know exactly what you want, but some obstacles and situations make it impossible to execute the idea. There are so many things that can go wrong just in preparation, which can cause you to wonder whether your wedding will run smoothly or not. To know what you’re getting yourself into, here are the big picture on what to prepare for a wedding.

Who is the organizer

Whether you choose to organize your wedding or have a wedding organizer to do it is up to you, although many people would instead hire and spend more money on an organizer. Because it will reduce your stress by at least 50% because you don’t have to deal with more problems that could happen during looking for a place, booking and placing orders, and handling the execution in general.


t76ivbThe documentation is arguably the second most important thing to a wedding besides the ceremony itself because the documentation for marriage will last a lifetime as a part of your family and personal history. So to avoid a lifetime regret, make sure that you hire a professional photographer that is more than good. A good example is for weddings at San Francisco City Hall, hire a photographer that knows the area well and how to work with the scenery. You will thank yourself later if you pay attention to little details like this before you hire a photographer.

Date and place

These two things may be the hardest decision to make when planning for a wedding, Because you have to agree with your partner and both of you might have different agenda, feelings, and opinion about where and when do you want to get married. The decision will also affect people that are coming to your wedding because if you are getting married abroad for example than you might have to consider the budget to fly your family and maybe closest friends.

Wedding Theme

gut6bitYour wedding theme will be the core that decides on other important stuff like the invitation, dress code, decorations, souvenirs, cake, your clothes on your wedding day, the food, and many more. Make sure that you have spent some time to consider your answer and didn’t rush the process.