Tools You Need for Woodworking

woodworking tools

Woodworking is a great activity to take on when you like to craft and build things by yourself. It is a skill that is very useful if you want to tackle an array of do-it-yourself projects that require you to make something out of wood. It is such a fun and fulfilling activity to take on. The outcome of it is very satisfying and something to be proud of because it was you who made it by yourself.

When doing woodwork, there will be several steps you need to tackle. Each step has their own tools that you need. Here are some tools that you need to have for each step of the woodworking process:

Measuring, laying out, and marking

measuringThe first step you have to take when you want to start a project with woodwork is to measure, layout, and mark the wood you will be working with for your project to create a piece. When you measure, you need to make sure that you check it more than once so that the measurements will be accurate and so that it will not hinder your work. The tools you need for measuring, laying out, and marking are tape measure, framing square, combination square, speed square, torpedo level, sliding bevel and folding rule.

Cutting and joining

Cutting and joining are the main parts of woodworking. Therefore, it needs several tools. For cutting, you will need chisels, a utility knife, a sharpening stone, as well as different kinds of saws such as a hand rip saw, miter saw, dovetail saw, hand crosscut saw, and coping saw. For the next step of joining or fastening, you will need a set of three nail set punchers, a claw hammer, a hand drill, and screwdrivers of at least two sizes of each in a Phillips and slotted head.


orbital sanderThe next step after your piece is cut, joined, and assembled is the finishing step. You need to do some finishing on your piece so that it looks beautiful and good to look at. The tools you will need for finishing is the best random orbital sander you can find, sanding blocks, a set of various raps and files, as well as a block or bench plane.

Adjustments and repairs

When you need to adjust and repair your work, you will need a few devices to help you with it. You will need various pliers, clamps, as well as a small socket set or a set of wrenches in standard and metric units.