Benefits of using glass bongs for smoking

For smokers, every person has got his manner of smoking. Using bongs, rolling cigars, smoking joints, smoking hand pipes and smoking blunts are some of the different smoking methods. Many pot smokers using the bong for smoking usually do not realize the many advantageous benefits when they smoke. The benefits of using a glass bongs for tobacco includes:

Beginner friendly

friendly for beginners

For those who aspire to start or beginning to smoke, then use of a glass bong is commendable compared to other smoking methods like cigar rolling. When you inhale, some bubbles are produced inside the bong that makes the smoke inhaled smoother in the throat compared to smoking blunt or cigar rolling. Because use of a glass bong involves shallower breath for a short time duration, newcomers will find ease in experiencing smoking for the first time as they will find smoking very enjoyable.

Smoother smoke

Use of cigarettes and roll up tobacco irritates a smoker’s throat. In using a glass bong, there is no presence felt of such kinds of throat irritation, and this may be reason enough as to why lots of people are switching to using glass pipes. As we know, the smoke contains bacteria and saw the warm water in glass kills bacteria while the cool water cools it.The cooling effects bring smoke to a safe level for the human body as hot smoke is hazardous. The process results in a clean and refreshing smoking. The killing of bacteria and colling off the smoke process help smokers reduce exposure to bronchitis which is a common smoking-related condition.

Bongs are reusable

Reusable commodities are advantageous as they help in cost saving. Other types or smoking, rolling cigars and smoking joints and blunts, you regularly have to purchase other smoke when you run out of one. To save you the hassle of constantly buying other cigar or blunt, spend on a good quality bong and you for sure won’t need to go back buy another one anytime sooner.

Reduced exposure to other chemicals

We have got plastic and aluminum pipe also for smoking. In using plastic and aluminum, the heat may expose you to the other chemicals found in the plastic and materials. Thus a glass bong is beneficial.

Easy to clean

puff smoking

Borosilicate is majorly used to make the glass bongs. Re-using a dirty glass bong reduces the filtration advantage effect it has. Due to its non-porous nature, you can easily clean a glass bong and thus regularly have a clean pipe.